How website optimization can help to Uplift your business.

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Website optimization is a scientific approach, which involves experimenting with different variables on your web pages to identify which is best to drive conversion. This approach uses the A/B or A/B/C testing to determine the best variation for conversion.

With website optimization, you know what your customers like, how they like it, the color they prefer and other key data. You can then come up with hypotheses. The result will enable you to tweak your web page for the higher optimization.

At Uplift Conversion, we are committed to sharing tips to uplift your conversion rate. Hence, we give you these top 4 tips to optimize your website for Higher Conversion.

Tips to Increase Conversion Rate Using Website Optimization

Tips to Increase Conversion Rate Using Website Optimization

Website Enhancement

To drive higher conversion, continuously upgrading your website with enhancements is a must. Website enhancements are designed to optimize users experience using special features. Some tools such as optimized, advanced personalization tools, allow you to identify user preferences beyond their names. Demographics and other core data are identified, which you can use in adjusting variables to drive more conversion.

Another website optimization is animations, which have become more creative and smarter. Other website enhancements are Ghost buttons, Storytelling, Scrolls, micro interactions and many others.


Website Development and Redevelopment

To optimize your website for higher conversion, you simply need to redevelop it. Website redevelopment can take different forms, from changing your hosting service to a more secure and faster alternative to adding tools and plugins. A secure, faster web hosting service with low downtime is certain to lead to a higher conversion rate.

Website Optimization Tools

These tools are another way you can optimize your website for higher traffic and increased conversion. These tools assist in taking key decisions. Some of these tools are:

Google Analytics: This tool from Google tracks the performance of your adverts, providing you with data to improve your ROI.

Kissmetrics: With Kissmetrics, you can track the movement of your web visitors as they journey through your site. This has many advantages, including identifying the pages visitors visit most or knowing the products they viewed most.
CrazyEgg: CrazyEgg gives a heat map of visitors’ activities on your webpage. This tool is effective in identifying how far visitors go down your page, their clicks and other data.
Qualaroo: This tool utilizes surveys to give you insightful details about users’ experience on your website.Others include Piktochart, Seranking, Google marketing platform.

Website CheckOut

To optimize your ecommerce website, your checkout page has to be optimized, else, you risk losing out to competitors. A proven way to increase conversion in your checkout page includes:

  • Removing the compulsory registration process
  • Give customers assurance by offering them a money-back guarantee
  • Offer multiple payment options
  • Using the ‘Save to Cart’ Option allow your users to come back easily to complete their shopping
  • Offer free shipping
  • Offer trial options

You can also simplify the checkout process with the use of the auto-check feature. On clicking a product, the auto Check out feature adds the product to your cart and takes you straight to the checkout page.

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